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The tagga.la App enables you to find your lost items and to help other people find theirs. The tagga.la App is available for download, for free.

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Ways to use our tags


Our tags are specifically designed to be attached on any everyday items, such as keys, bags, purses, luggage, helmets, bikes, smartphones, wallets, PCs, and many other items you can’t even imagine.

Personalize your items with their own tag, so that you will get them returned in case of loss.

“Sensitive” items

Tags can be attached to “sensitive items”, such as your home keys and items you do not want to explicitly associate with your identity or contact information to prevent malicious individuals from using them improperly: tagga.la protects your privacy and safety, and enables people to return your lost&found items.

Gift & surprise

Our tags support multimedia content and other types of information that can surprise someone you care about.
Unleash your creativity and imagine how you can impress a special person with a tag that contains the ticket to the concert of their favorite band or artist, or a travel package to their dream destination.


We know how much you care about your best friends. So, we designed our tags to be attached to your cat or dog collar, as well. You can configure the content of the tag with your contact information and with information about your pet, so that you can be contacted quickly if you best friend gets lost.

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Using tagga.la tags is extremely easy and super-fun. Learn how to configure your tags and get them ready to be utilized in three easy steps.

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