How it works

Using our tags is super-easy, secure, and fun!

How it works

Using tags is extremely easy and super-fun. Learn how to configure your tags and get them ready to be utilized in three easy steps.

1. Choose tag


Our online store offers you a wide choice of passive tags. Also, you can pre-proder our active tag with the “radar” feature.
Tags can be attached to any item (even to your pet’s collar), or given as gift to someone special.
There 6 types of passive tags available in 9 different colors.

2. Activate tag

activate_tag After you get your tags, you can activate them in two different ways: using the App (available for Android and iOS) or on the website. Sign in, enter the tag code and security code, and start personalizing the information within your tag.

3. Attach tag

attach_tag After you activate and configure the tag with contact information or with any multimedia content, you can attach it to items you care the most about, such as keys, luggage, and valuables. Also, you can use the tag as a gift to surprise someone special.

Try our demo

Access tag content

Enter tag code and tag verification code to access the content of a demo tag.

Scan QR code

Everyday item


Sensitive item


For your pet


Tag as gift


How it works (extended)

1. Choose tag

Our store provides you with a wide choice of tags, both passive and active. They can be attached to almost any everyday object, including your pet’s collar. Also, they can be given as a gift or as a gift card to someone you consider special. Tags can serve any purposes. Nevertheless, some tags are designed for a particular use:
  • the is especially suitable to be given as a gift to someone special.
  • the bag tag has a writeable back for your bag or luggage.
  • the medal tag is perfect as a keyring or as a pet collar medal.
  • the sticker tag can be applied on books, smartphones or laptops.
Choosing your tags is simple:
  1. visit our on-line store;
  2. pick any of the 6 shapes and 9 different colors available;
  3. add tags to cart and complete your purchase;
  4. tags will be shipped to your address.

2. Activate tag

When you get your tag, it needs to be configured and activated. You can do it using the mobile App (available for Android and iOS) or directly on the website. To activate your tag, you need to register an account (it’s free) and to sign in. Then, enter tag code and verification code (as shown in the picture).
Smartphone activation:
  1. download the App from the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore;
  2. open the App and register or access your account;
  3.  scan the QRcode printed on the tag, or, approach the tag to the NFC antenna of your smartphone (which has to be NFC-enabled).
  4. select tag purpose and configure tag with information that will identify your tag.
Activation from the website
  1. access the website and register or access your account;
  2. click on the “Add tag button” and enter tag code and verification code;
  3. select tag purpose and configure tag with information that will identify your tag.


3. Attach or give tag

After being configured, your tag is ready to be attached to the items of your choice, or it can be given as a gift.
Our tags can fit many purposes and they can be applied to several types of objects and surfaces:
  • sticky tags, including the sticker and the coin tag, have an adhesive back that makes them applicable to flat surfaces;
  • all other tags, including the heart tag, the square tag, the bag tag and the medal tag, have a hole and lace that support attaching them to key rings, bag zips, and many other items.
  • the bag tag has a writeable back that can be utilized to write your contact information for quicker access in case of lost luggage.

Medal tags can be attached easily to your pet’s collar. We suggest removing the lace and inserting the string directly into the tag’s hole for longer duration. All tags can be given as a present and they can be attached to special places or items to surprise people with an unconventional gift.

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Introducing finder

Our smartest tag is available for pre-order

The finder is our smartest tag: thanks to the radar function, it helps you find your items wherever they are. Just turn your bluetooth enabled phone on and start tracking your items.


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Products will be shipped in October 2014.

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