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tagga.la provides you with smart tags that can be attached to all you care the most about, or given as a gift to someone special.

A tag to say that you care

The heart tag is the perfect gift for surprising someone special. You can customize tag with a personalized message, with your favorite song or video, and with all of your care.

unleash your creativity

Your best friend just got tagged!

Our tags can be attached to your dog, cat, rabbit or any of your little friends. No battery, no waves, they turn on only when needed, to keep your pets safe, and always within reach.

tags for your pets

Found or lost an item?

Next time, attach one of our tags to the items you care the most about, and get contacted to get them returned back. You can choose different shapes and colors to give your items a personality.

Or, buy our active tags, so that you can track your items whenever you cannot find them, thanks to the “radar” feature, which tells you where your lost items are.

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Activate or read tag

Enter tag code and tag verification code to access the content of a tag. If you need help, visit our support center.

Access your account

If you already registered your tagga.la account, sign in here. If you don’t have an account, sign up. If you forgot your password, click here.

How it works

Using tagga.la tags is extremely easy and super-fun. Learn how to configure your tags and get them ready to be utilized in three easy steps.

1. Choose tag


Our online store offers you a wide choice of passive tags. Also, you can pre-proder our active tag with the “radar” feature.
Tags can be attached to any item (even to your pet’s collar), or given as gift to someone special.
There 6 types of passive tags available in 9 different colors.

2. Activate tag


After you get your tags, you can activate them in two different ways: using the tagga.la App (available for Android and iOS) or on the tagga.la website. Sign in, enter the tag code and security code, and start personalizing the information within your tag.

3. Attach tag


After you activate and configure the tag with contact information or with any multimedia content, you can attach it to items you care the most about, such as keys, luggage, and valuables. Also, you can use the tag as a gift to surprise someone special

Want to try before buy?

If you want to experience what is interaction with tags like, check our demo. Also, can experience four different ways to use your tags.

Go to our demo

Download the tagga.la App

The tagga.la App is the smartest tool for managing your tags, for finding your lost items, and for helping others find theirs.

Using the tagga.la App, available for iOS and Android, you can add and configure your tags, manage their statuses, locate them or signal their loss.

The tagga.la App reads all our QRcode-based, NFC and Bluetooth tags. Simply register an account and start being part of our community.

In case you lose any tagged items, the tagga.la App notifies you whenever someone finds and reads the tag, so that you will immediately know that your item has been found. Also, you will be able to manage to get your item returned, quickly.

The tagga.la App is available for download, for free.


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Buy tags

Visit our tag store: we have tags with different shapes and colors;  see how they can fit many different applications.

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See our tags in action

Our tags can be employed for many different purposes and can be attached to items you always wanted to get returned, thanks to their lace, to their sticky back, and to their resistant body. Also, their shape and color give terrific personality to your everyday items.